How To Get a Glowing Face Beat

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Good makeup will leave you feeling like you are walking around with a halo on your face. These days, with just your makeup, you can take the sun with you wherever you go.

There’s a huge difference between oily skin and a glowing face beat. While oily makeup will have your skin looking unhealthy, a good face beat will make your skin appear flawless.

However, achieving that look is no easy task, especially if you have very dry or very oily skin. In this article, we will discuss how to get a sparkly, beautiful makeup look done.

11 Tips to Help You Achieve a Glowing Face Beat
Know your skin type: This is very important; it determines your route to get the look you desire. There are several skin types; dry, oily, normal and combination, which, as it sounds, is a combination of both dry and oily skin in patches. Determining your skin type can be easily done with a piece of blotting paper.

● Procedure: Pat the paper on your nose, observe the paper against light and gauge how much oil is present. Repeat with your forehead, chin and then cheeks.

● Results: If oil is present or absent in all areas, your skin is oily or dry, respectively. If you have a lot of oil on your nose and forehead but not on your cheeks, your skin is most likely a combination. If a small amount of oil was seen in all areas, your skin is normal.

Pay attention to the bottle: The label on your foundation bottle tells you everything you need to know about that product. When shopping for makeup items, be sure to check the labels. Ingredients such as vitamin C, collagen and glycerine are great for your skin. Of course, they look better too. With the right ingredients, makeup can become skincare.

Get the basics right: Fantastic makeup always begins with fantastic skincare. The better your skin is, the better your makeup becomes. Of course, you can’t get glowing skin in one day. Glowing makeup is much more achievable, even if you have dry or oily skin.

Before you start your makeup:
● Make sure your face is clean.
● Wipe down with micellar water to take care of invisible dirt without irritating the skin.
● Start your prep with a good moisturiser and a tough primer to keep your makeup in check.
Use a luminizer: One secret to long-lasting radiant makeup is great skin work. Applying a little glow on the skin before you put on foundation is a great way to get that look to pop, even on dry skin. You can achieve this with a glow wax stick.

Dewy over matte foundation: You wouldn’t be reading this article if you wanted matte, would you? A dewy foundation will help retain moisture. There are instances where you can use matte foundation. For example, if your skin was really oily, you could mix a little dewy foundation into your regular matte foundation. This way, the oil is kept checked, but moisture is let through.

Skin work: Work your hat off while working on your skin. It holds the most important place in determining your outcome. Blend out your foundation with a beauty blender, not a brush. You may use a brush to apply it at first, but using a beauty blender will give it a much smoother finish.

Use multiple concealer shades: A much easier way to achieve that bronzed, rich look is to mix over one shade of concealer. But don’t just apply any shade anywhere; take special care. You want to examine your face with no makeup on carefully.

You should apply a lighter shade to the parts of your face that appear dim, such as under the eyes. For a stunning look, use the lightest shade around the corner of your eye, and darken it as you move outwards.

Don’t overdo the powder: You’ve done a lot of work on your skin, don’t ruin it with the powder. Be careful not to cake it up too much, but also make sure it’s not deficient. There is a thin line of balance, and your entire makeup depends on it.

Add some colour: According to recent trends, blush is a must-have. If you want to get makeup that looks flushed and healthy, you can’t just carelessly dust blush on. First, blushes come in various shades of red, pink and orange. Choose your blush colour according to your skin tone and complexion.

Secondly, your blush should be placed on the sides of your face, not directly on your cheeks. You want to apply your blush upwards, sweeping your brush from behind your cheeks to your temples.

Get bronzed: For most makeup lovers, this is the most loved part. Applying bronzer may be fun, but it is no child’s play. Many people do not even know that bronzers come in various shades. As with concealers and foundations, the more shades you combine, the more depth your final look acquires. The perfect shade of bronzer also depends on your skin tone and complexion. Cool-toned people should opt for shades closer to champagne gold, while warmer tones should use the warmer colours.

Angling your strokes: Once you’ve got the shade right, the next thing is the placement. You should place your bronzer at spots where the sun naturally hits your face, or rather, where the sun hits your face in the most complimentary way. This means that it’s not entirely up to the sun. Use a little discernment to adjust the position of your strokes to get a more flattering outcome.

It may be difficult to nail it all at once, so the more you practise, the better you get. One thing is certain; to get better makeup, you need to pay attention to the details. Don’t get so carried away with the glamour that you forget that the devil is in the detail.


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